Arima Hot-spring Delivered To Your Home

Posted on April 17, 2020 Goshoboh delivers its Arima hot-spring bath to your home. Please enjoy it with some VR goggles suitable for 4K.In additi‥‥

Measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

In order to prevent infection spread of the new coronavirus, and protect our guests and staff inside our accommodation, we carry out the followin‥‥

A 6 million year travel

Before the formation of Japan islands, somewhere in the ocean, sea water traveled underground and was buried under the Philippine sea plate for 6 million years…then miraculously burst out in heat, where no volcano exists, in the small town ARIMA ONSEN.


Prestigious Arima Onsen

Japan is known as a tectonic land with over 3000 hot-spring areas spread all over the country. Their thermal waters differ in quality and quantity. They also vary in local cultures, traditions and history. It is a great privilege that Tocen Goshoboh is located in Arima onsen which is known as the oldest, most historic, and most healing hot-spring in Japan. In fact, it is the only hot-spring town recorded in the 2 oldest books of Japan’s History: Nihon shoki and Kojiki.

The YUNUSHI spirit – Protector of the source

You step in Goshoboh, and you feel like you are slipping in varied layers of History. Everything seems blended, yet each element is an imprint of an event. Each further step takes you deeper into a world of harmonious complexity.


8 centuries and on

Onsen machi or Onsen town is a place infused with the feeling of gratitude, where everything is created to share and protect that one natural resource ”hot-spring”.
It is said that the oldest hot-springs were discovered by Shinto Gods, soon after, shrines and temples were built, then a noble family was chosen to take care and protect the source. That is how Tocen Goshoboh has started 8 centuries ago. A place where appreciation and gratitude towards the shared natural resource are transcended through family spirit and Omotenashi art.

A space full of spirit

Everything started from a very personal quest, an urge to express and share appreciation and gratitude. And so, the space is infused with spirit that diffuses in each room a soothing atmosphere, inviting you to participate in co-creation.


In praise of memories

An interior that harmoniously blends historic Arima and cosmopolitan Kobe.
An atmosphere that celebrates shadows, quietness and intimacy. Rooms decorated with memories that take you into a journey in the world of some admirable people who stayed here before you. Junichiro Tanizaki, Hirofumi Ito…, to name the few.

Gold does not need to be plated

Enjoy an authentic sensual journey through which we celebrate together the deepest of Arima local traditions and Terroir culture.


Goshoboh signature, Yamaga cuisine

Through history, Arima onsen has been so blessed.
Abundant sea and mountain ingredients.
Vacation destination for emperors and lords.
And early contact with western cultures.
A mix that led to the birth of a distinct Kaiseki cuisine style.
We hope you will enjoy our signature Yamaga cuisine that encapsulates our roots dating to the early Kamakura period.

“Muyo no yo”, Necessity of the useless

What is it about traveling or bathing that nurtures the body & soul?
Re-minding us the way to dis-connect and re-connect.


Beyond bathing

Just like beauty can only exist because of the observer, we invite you to “play” to awaken playfulness in the atmosphere. You can be serious about it!