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Q. I did not receive a booking confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
A. Once you finish your reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Please make sure that you’ve checked the messages in the junk category of your e-mail box. If you still have troubles finding the booking confirmation, please contact our concierge through the “Contact Us” form.
Q. How can I change my reservation?
A. From a link in the confirmation e-mail, you can make the changes you need.
Q. How can I make reservation for the private bath “SHIHOAN” ?
A. Reservations for the bath SHIHOAN are only made upon your arrival. Please tell our staff at the reception desk. The SHIHOAN is available from 18:00 to 23:00 ( 50 mins for each group).
Q. What time is the check-in time and check-out time ?
A. Our check-in time is 3:00pm. and check-out time is 10:00am. for the Moderate Stay, and 11:00a.m. for the Deluxe and Superior Stays.
Q. Can I extend my check-out?
A. Late check-out can be possible depending on room vacancy, and is charged JPY2,600 per room per hour. Please tell us in advance.


Q. What is a Kaiseki Dinner?
A. The kaiseki is a course with 8 to 12 dishes. The number of plates depends on seasonal ingredients, special occasions, and Chef’s inspiration. At Goshoboh, we offer a variety of Kaiseki Dinners — Yama (mountain), Mizu ( water), Kumo (cloud), Beefsteak course etc. All with possibility of arrangement and additional options.
Q. Should I make Dinner Reservations if I am staying at the Ryokan?
A. You need to tell our reception staff or the Nakai-san ( the lady who will assist you during your stay) what time you want your Dinner and Breakfast.
Dinner will be served privately at your guest room, and starts from 17:30 ~ 19:30 . Guests staying at the Chikyu ( moderate ) rooms, will be served Dinner at the indoor restaurant “KAN”.
Please try to check-in before 6:00pm as we may not be able to serve you dinner after 7:00pm or 7:30pm. The reason is that we serve fresh, seasonal food and as a result, dinner is served as soon as it is cooked and no later. If the dinner is already prepared but sits there for several hours, there is a good chance it will be spoiled.
If you can not arrive before 6:00pm, please call us in advance.
Q. Can you arrange a Kaiseki Dinner without any meat or fish?
A. Yes. Our chef can arrange the ingredients for vegetarian guests. Please inform us in advance what ingredients you cannot eat.
We also ask our guests who have allergies to certain ingredients or cannot eat some food for a certain reason, to tell us in advance.

Hot-Spring & Spa

Q. Do the rooms include a private open-air bath?
A. Tocen Goshoboh is a historical Japanese style Inn that has been offering a typical traditional spa stay experience since the Kamakura period ( 12th century). For architectural reasons that take in consideration the typical old wooden structure of the building, the rooms do not include an open-air bath. The inn offers an indoor half-open bath “Kongosen”, accessible to all guests, and a private hidden Tea ceremony-style bath “SHIHOAN”, which is also half open-air, and exclusive to guests staying at the Tenraku Deluxe rooms.
Q. How can I use the private bath “SHIHOAN” ?
A. The “SHIHOAN” bath is exclusive for guests staying at the Tenraku Deluxe rooms. The bath is for private use, however, to enjoy the zen atmosphere, only adults are invited to use this area. Please make a reservation at the reception desk upon your arrival.
Q. I am visiting Arima Onsen on a day trip, and I would love to experience the indoor hot-spring facilities at Tocen Goshoboh, do you offer a day-visit option?
A. The indoor public hot-spring bath “KONGOSEN” is available for day-spa visitors from 11:00 a.m to 15:00 p.m. The spa facility usage is charged ¥1,620 per person. ( rental of a facial towel is included. Additional rental of a large bath towel is charged ¥315 ).
Reservations are not possible.To use the hot-spring facility, you need to come directly to the reception desk, and ask for the availability on that day. In busy days, we give priority to guests who are also having lunch at our indoor restaurant. To be sure not to miss the Goshoboh experience during your short visit to Arima, we highly recommend that you reserve a lunch and bath package.


Q. Can I leave my luggage if I arrive at your ryokan earlier ?
A. Yes, you can safely leave your luggage at our reception desk before your check-in, and after check-out.