Goshoboh was established in 1191, during the early period of Kamakura era (1185 – 1333). The property was the adjacent Inn to the one and only hot-spring Bathhouse of Arima, and was called then “Yuguchiya”, meaning the entrance of the Bathhouse. According to the travel diary of Fujiwara no Teika “Meigetsuki”, literally “The record of the beautiful moon”, it is recorded that in December 1208, slightly after the establishment of Goshoboh, Fujiwara-no-Teika, the famous poet from the aristocratic family Fujiwara, has visited Arima which was bustling with aristocracy and nobility. According to the report registers of the chief governing body of the Kujoh family during the third year of Kenmu period (1337), the Inn Yuguchiya was managed by the aristocrat family “Kujoh” who also managed the shrine of the hot-spring “Tohsen Jinja”.