Among men of letters who moved to Kansai area after the Great Kanto Earthquake, was the well-established novelist Tanizaki Jun’ichiro, whose novel “A Cat, a man, and Two women”, published in 1936, depicted the Inn Goshoboh as follows:
“I was thinking it’d be nice to visit Arima….It’s been ages since we went…. What do you say ?
” Well, then, should we make it upstairs at the Gosho-no-boh again?”
“It’ll be even nicer now than in the summer. We can see the autumn leaves, have a long, hot bath, take our time over supper―”. Non official translation.
It is not strange at all that the author of the famous essay “In praise of Shadows”, who admired Japanese Aesthetics and Beauty that oozes out of dime lights and omni-darkness was certainly a fan of Goshoboh’s wooden structure which still exists today.