Enjoy both world-famous Kobe beef
& Tajima-Guro Beef Plan


Enjoy a special Yamaga Cuisine Kaiseki dinner featuring both: world-famous “Kobe Beef” and the next Japanese culinary star “ Tajima-Guro Beef”. Be the first to compare the texture and taste of these two delicacies as a special treat during your stay.
Tajima-Guro is the ultimate pure Tajima Beef which is 100% Japanese indigenous cattle raised under a pure Japanese spirit. The selected cows are fed a healthy combination of local buckwheat and sesame seeds among other Japanese herbs instead of imported corn usually used for fattening. The cows are highly healthy and the meat is succulent, juicy, and super light.( Guests can also choose to have Tajima-Guro beef only or Kobe beef only)

* Tajima-Guro beef is a rare ingredient. In case this combination dinner plan is sold out, we appreciate that you choose the standard dinner plan as alternative.

Enjoy the meals at the guest-room


2 person/1 room charge(adult 1 person charge) ¥24,300(w tax)~

Enjoy the meals at the Restaurant


2 person/1 room charge(adult 1 person charge) ¥23,100(w tax)~