Tocen Goshoboh Bed & Breakfast plan

A great stay plan if you are finishing late work during weekdays, and trying to catch a relaxing time at Goshoboh. You can have dinner at the indoor restaurant of Goshoboh, or enjoy a light meal in Kobe or in a local restataurant in Arima. You will have a long night to enjoy a quiet drink at the bar and slow time to relax in the hot-spring.

In the morning, you will enjoy the Yamaga Cuisine featuring the famous Tofu made from Tanba Black beans, served at the indoor restaurant “KAN”.

* Two room types are available for this plan: the TENRAKU (Deluxe) and the CHUYO (Superior), however, sometimes we will suggest you the room type that is available.

2 person/1 room charge(adult 1 person charge) ¥13,200(w tax)~