GOSHOBOH “Shohbyohe” (Backyard Blue Cat Event)

This Autumn night, once you step in TOCEN GOSHOBOH, you submerge into a whole new world, where time stops and rules fade – The world of “Ohbutsu Muhoh”.
Heartily welcomed and assisted by the hot-spring lady “ Maki”, you are drenched in ease enough to loose up and joyfully sip some soothing champaign and vibrate to some enchanting music beats while soaking in the sacred golden hot-spring waters.
The mysterious panache of East & West, Fun & Zen, Tradition & Vogue, gets you feel even more amused and “confused ” when you are taken to the hidden zen courtyard “ SHIHOAN”, where you savor delightful cuisine and groove to cheerful sounds.
But…..when the witching hour bell rings,…..lights are dimmed,……and you are literally transported into another dimension of deep quietness.
It is time for the ultimate ritual: Goshoboh Midnight Tea Ceremony.
Event Date
Friday, October 11th, 2013
Event Place
TOCEN GOSHOBOH, Address: 858, Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Event Overview
Friday, October 11th 13:00 Group study MTG “A bright vision for Goshoboh & Arima “
  15:00 Check-in
  18:30 or 19:00 Start Kaiseki Bento Dinner featuring charcoal-grilled Tajima Beef steak
  18:30/20:30 ~ each 1 hour Champaign served at the hot-spring bath
  20:00~23:00 “Ozashiki DJ”, DJ party in a traditional Japanese style (featuring Arima Guesha “ Geiko”)
  20:00~22:00 “Karakuri” Doll performance & Cocktail
  23:00~25:00 Ginjo Sake Bar & Chill-out
  24:00~ Midnight Tea Ceremony
Saturday, October 12th 7:00 Zen meditation at the the temple “Onsenji”
  8:00 Traditional Japanese Breakfast
  10:00 Check-out
*The content and flow of the event might be modified.

DJ Kefir – The legendary house disc jockey and musician, father of the Russian dance scene and winner of the DMC Russia 1998.
He is now a well-established Radio Record producer (Dance Music), and is busy touring all over Russia. He also collaborates with other world-famous DJs such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, etc.
He is exceptionally joining us as a friend and artist.
Dress Code
Yukata ( informal cotton Kimono )
Original Goshoboh Yukata is also available for rental ( free).
Night-start Participation
If you get on the express bus departing Osaka Hankyu Sanban-cho station at 18:20, you will need no transfers to Arima Onsen, and you
will be on time for dinner by 19:30. After-Dinner participation is also possible.
Free parking service. Please go directly to the following parking area. Our driver will pick you up.
Arimali Parking area: 1229-1, Taki-no-Hatake, Arima-cho, Kita-ku
Stay Rate( limited to 30 guests )
Stay only ( no meals ) : ¥20,000
Stay & Dinner: ¥27,000
Stay & meals ( Dinner & Breakfast ) : ¥29,000
1 guest per room: +¥8,000 ( limited number of rooms)
Room upgrade: +¥3,000 ( limited to 9 groups) (Late checkout)
Group Study ”A bright vision for Goshoboh & Arima Onsen” (1 drink to be orderd)
Together, we can brainstorm great ideas on how to revolutionize hot-spring Inns and hot-springs towns. The party is even more fun after such brain gymnastics!

Midnight Tea Ceremony( ¥1,800, limited participation to 14 people)
The perfect drink to end a long Autumn night. Seats are limited and can be reserved. There will be also a waiting list.

Early morning Zen Meditation( ¥2,500 )
The next morning, a zen meditation session will be held in front of the Medicine Buddha “Yakushi Nyorai”. A good chance to contemplate internally, and admit that last night you have had too much fun in the holy hot-springs.
Cancellation Policy
We appreciate that you acknowledge our cancellation policy.
A fee would apply on each cancellation or reduction of number of guests expected for each reservation.
9/11and later ……30%
After 9/18 …….60%
After 9/25 …….90%
No-show …….100%
Event Cancellation
The event might be cancelled if the number of participation requests does not attain 25 by September 11th.
TOCEN GOSHOBOH 078-904-0551
KANAI Kazushige, organizer of the “Shohbyohe” (Backyard Blue Cat Event) .
Collaboration with: ORB CO.,LTD / ATLANTIC STAR CO.,LTD
Sound facilities by: P.M.N.Project