A dance in spring breeze, at Goshoboh

The spirited contemporary dancer Bove Taro will deliver a performance at the late-summer garden of Tocen Goshoboh. We hope that you will enjoy two distinct poetic sides of the Yu-yama ( mountain hot-spring ) through noon and night performances.
Profile of Bove Taro:
Born in 1981, Bove is a dancer and choreographer who bases his creative work on the perception and bodily expression of spacial fluctuations. A part from theatres, he performes in several historical sites, gardens, and museums.Some of his work pieces focus on “ Words “ and “ sounds ” of a certain space, especially the ones in collaboration with Noh plays with classic Noh music themes.His well-known work pieces include 『Absent trace 』, 『implication』,『Border of the blank』, and『Fragments-The Pillow Book-』among several others.His main collaborations with Noh plays include 『Scenery of the news-Noh《Kakitsubata ( the iris) 》-』, 『Reflection-Noh《 Izutsu (the well curb)》-』, and『The dew of endless wideness −Noh《Nomiya》−』among several others.Aside from his performances at theatres, he has also played several pieces at a variety of cultural sites. Ex:『Haziness』( Seitaya Museum ), 「Kandinsky Exhibition 」( The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto ) , and『In’ei ( shadows )』( Former house of the Okada family. A nationally designated Important Cultural Property ) .
Home Page : http://tarobove.com
Opening time
Noon performance Night performnce
April 13th 2015 ( Monday ) 14:00 ( open from 13:30 ) April 12nd 2015 ( Sunday ) 22:00 ( open from 21:30 )
April 13th 2015 ( Monday ) 22:00 ( open from 21:30 )
How to enjoy the event day
Noon performance Night performnce
Come slightly earlier to Arima, and visit its temples, shrines, and traditional craft boutiques.
Then, after you have a hot-spring bath, join us at the indoor garden of Goshoboh to relax and enjoy the spring breeze performance.
Goshoboh, a place where Tanizaki Junichiro used to stay, and which still celebrates the beauty of shadows of that typical era.
Enjoy the performance and the soothing scenery of spring under dim lights and shadows.
Noon visitors can also join us again for the night performance, and enjoy a completely distinct scenery.
Noon performance Night performnce
¥2,000 per guest ( tax included ) Day visit ( without stay ) is also possible Stay at one of the properties of Gosho Sanbo ( Tocen Goshoboh, Gosho-Bessho, Hana-Koyado ) . The event will be free of charge for guests who stay for the night.
Event venue
Tocen Goshoboh ( address: 〒651-1401 858,Arima-cho,Kita-ku, Kobe,Japan. )
Access details: http://goshoboh.com/en/access
Parking area
The center of the small town is usually crowded. We highly suggest that you come by train or bus for most comfort. In case you come by car for the noon performance please use the closest coin parking areas.
The Alimali Parking Area offers a discounted rate for event visitors, and a free parking for guests staying at one of the Gosho-sanbo properties.
Arimali Parking area:http://alimali.jp/parking/?page_id=58
Day trip option
Lunch ( Tsurube Soba – Goshoboh authentic Buckwheat ¥2,800 ( tax included ) ~ )
Please enjoy lunch time at the indoor restaurant “ Kan “ of Tocen Goshoboh.

Hot-spring Bath facility( ¥1,500 per one entry ( tax excluded ) )
Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a bath at the indoor hot-spring facility “ Kongosen “ of the historical ryokan Tocen Goshoboh renowned for the best quality, non-additives, and pure golden thermal waters.

TOCEN GOSHOBOH 078-904-0551
KANAI Kazushige, organizer of the “ Dance in Autumn Breeze, Goshoboh “