“Butsugai ni Asobu” , meaning “to enjoy life away from the material world”

Artist Hirosuke Watanuki, Goshobo collaborator


Who could ever deny that in the world where we are “living”, people are blindly attached to “having” and “doing” , and less careful about “Being” what they truly are. At Tosen Goshobo, we hope to take our guests into a genuine “Mu-shin” Journey, during which they can free their mind from the defilement of the senses, and live fully the present moment “Sonomama”, just the way it is, experiencing timelessness, and discovering the quiet joy deeply hidden beneath.

Awakened senses

Each of our spas reflects a typical style of Japanese bath. A meticulous interpretation and deep respect for the natural environment, infused with a discreet luxury. Visitors are invited to enjoy a spa journey full of discovery, during which they are relaxed, pampered, and completely indulged at every sensory level for total well-being.

Tosen Goshobo offers two spa bathtubs indoor, and one chartered spa bath outdoor. The spa facilities are exclusively close to the hot-spring source, and use the best quality of Arima thermal waters. All guests can use the “Kongosen”, an authentic countryside style, men-women mixed, gold-colored bath. Guests at the Deluxe rooms can exclusively have access to the isolated Tea ceremony-style bath, also called “Master Matsudaira Harusato style”, an hermitage zone with Tea ceremony room, zen garden, and open-air bath. A reservation at the front desk is needed. The inn also offer an Aroma Therapy service. 



Authentic countryside style, men-women mixed, gold-colored onsen

A dark and narrow passageway filled with water. Walking down the passage, one feels the water rising higher and higher until the passage suddenly opens up into the main onsen “pool”. Covered, but opened to the outside, offering guests a green and sky view, while relaxing in the warm iron-orange waters. A stone wall divides the men’s and the women’s halves, getting continually lower toward the far end of the pool so that guests can easily talk over the wall if they like. Or, they can move over to a more private area if they prefer. The specific dark color of the waters, and the slight, shadowed lightening recreate a deep mood of relaxation, contemplation, and intimacy.

** The “Kinsen” hot spring water is iron-rich, transparent water, however once it gets to the surface, it oxidizes and becomes iron-orange, porcelain-colored.




Isolated Tea ceremony-bath style, also called “master Matsudaira Harusato style”.

Hermitage zone with Tea ceremony room, zen garden, and open-air bath. 

Open-air and candle lit. The green of the garden looks greener, and the woody bathtub feels warmer. While soaking in the crystal-like waters, the guests hear a clear and peaceful melody of water drops through the “Suikinkutsu”, literally “Water koto cave”, which is a unique Japanese garden ornament and music device.

Built in the memory of the Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Japan’s “great unifier”, and Arima savior, this bath style was mostly adopted by Lords when they gathered in the mountain. It reflects the nature of Japanese culture, that everything is circulating around “Tea”. The bath, garden, and Tea room , together, make a melting pot to release the senses, and merge the inner and outer world in harmony. The soothing sound of the “Water koto cave” is probably due to the old roof tiles that comes originally from the “Nennbutsuji Temple” (1712). The temple which initially was the imprint of the villa from Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s wife “Nene”, was damaged by the massive Kobe Earthquake in 1995, and some of its roof tiles were beautifully recycled and incorporated in building the musical device that guests staying at the Deluxe room type can enjoy when exclusively using the Shihoan area.



The mythical Arima Golden Hot-spring

Arima is the oldest spa area in Japan. According to the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), Arima-Onsen Hot Spring that is said to have existed since the age of the gods, was discovered when the two divinities (kami in Japanese Shinto) Onamuchi-no- mikoto and Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto saw that three injured crows were cured after they drank from the thermal water. Since this discovery, people have travelled from allover Japan to soak in the so-thought of as holy and miraculous hot-spring that cures any type of illness. Arima has three type of hot-springs, among which the most famous is the “ Kinsen”, or “golden hot-spring”. A part from its soothing warmth ( original temperature 98°C, controlled at 40 °C), and its relaxing golden-clay color, Arima golden hot-spring is a strongly basic ferruginous sodium chloride spring which has far more healing properties. 


The Spa Quality at Tosen Goshobo

At Tosen Goshobo, we use the thermal water from “ Gosho sen”, one of the best hot-spring sources in Arima, the hot-spring type is the “Kinsen”, meaning “the gold-colored hot-spring”. The source is close to all Goshobo group properties, where color, temperature, active minerals and natural ingredients are at their best.